Electrical Safety at Work: What You Need to Know

Electricity plays a part in all of our everyday lives, however there are of course risks and serious consequences if the correct safety measures are not put in place.

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) states that employers are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of their employees and the public, if they are at a risk from work activities.

The Electricity at Work Regulations further detail the dangers associated with working in electrically charged environments. Despite these laws that are in place, thousands of electricity-related accidents are reported every year. In the vast majority of cases, these could have been avoided by using the correct electrical safety tools and PPE if the appropriate precautions had been implemented.

The hazards encountered by workers include: electric shock and serious burns through contact with live parts. Electric shock can also cause workers to fall from a height, such as from ladders or scaffolding, which can result in serious injury. There is also the danger of using unsuitable, inadequate or tools or PPE which is why it is vital to regularly check your tools and PPE and replace them when necessary.

Insulated tools are the most effective and safest option when it comes to electrical safety as they prevent conduction of electricity through to the user and also have much more durable coatings. Employers can increase the safety of their workers by using high quality insulated tools and electrical safety products that we offer at Boddington’s Electrical.

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