Everything You Will Need for a Successful Large Cable Installation


When you are installing large SWA armoured cables it can be a simple process if they are laid in the ground. However, can become more tricky when cables are being pulled at high levels or round bends. At Boddington’s we understand the problems you may face while carrying out this process, here are our tips and essentials that you may need for large cable installations.


Essentials for the installation process


  • Winches – When pulling cables you will need a good winch to secure it to the floor using ground anchor bolts. Chain winches are good value and can be helpful when lifting or pulling bends in large cables.


  • Webbing belts or strops – Webbings have a loop at each end, great for securing winches and making temporary cable support loops with a shackle. Webbings are strong and adaptable.


  • Cable jack stands – Ensure that your jacks and steel bar are big enough for the size of the drums you are using. Always stand at a safe distance when you are “jacking up” and rotating.


  • Good rope - Always check the lifting capacity of the ropes you are using.


  • Cable Socks – These are used to help make the joint from the winch to your cables streamlined and secure.


  • Cable Lubricant – You will need a water based lubricant so that you don’t cause any damage to the cable sheath. Using one could save you money as trying to free up a jammed cable can be time consuming.


  • Cable benders – Cable benders will be able to bend single cores over 50sq.mm


  • Hydraulic crimpers and cutters – These will make cutting large cables a breeze. They are also essential for shaping triangular cables as well as crimping large lugs.


  • PPE – Finally it will go without saying that you shouldn’t start the pulling cable process without wearing the correct gear. PPE includes, decent hard wearing gloves, steal toecap footwear and Safety helmets.


Here at Boddington’s we have an extensive range of equipment on offer for all your electrical safety needs, including a great selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  For more information call us today or visit our website to see the collection of products available.