Interactive and Downloadable Leaflets

Gone are the days of lugging around literature and worrying about spilling anything down its glossy cover. You can now access our new safety guides and leaflets on any device that you want to read it wherever you are - as long as you have internet access.

Plus, there’s no need to wait for a page to load, download or install software such as Javascript to view it. We've made it that simple!

Work At Height - Safety Guide

ARC Flash Hazard - Safety Guide
Lockout/Tagout Solutions

Substation Equipment - Safety Guide

Insulating Gloves New Generation

CAT ARC Flash & MultiRisk Protective Clothing

NEW 2022 Edition CATU supports you in the evolution of your business and offers you the best in electrical safety for the maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles 

All the essential equipment for railway interventions on overhead lines, lines, urban transport and posts

CATU Equipment for operations on solar installations
Product Customisation with your Logo