Mecatraction C12 Series Crimping Dies For Non-Insulated Terminal TN Series

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Crimping dies are crucial components in the crimping process, which is widely used in electrical and telecommunications engineering for creating a solid, reliable connection between a wire and a connector or terminal. Crimping effectively joins metal pieces together by deforming one or both of them to hold the other. The deformation, done by the crimping tool with the crimping die, ensures a tight and secure connection that is also electrically conductive.

Crimping dies come in various shapes and sizes, tailored to the specific type of connector and wire gauge being used. The selection of the correct crimping die is critical for ensuring a high-quality crimp that provides a durable and low-resistance electrical connection. Incorrectly chosen dies can lead to poor connections that may result in signal loss, electrical failures, or even safety hazards due to overheating.

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SKU Cross Section (mm2) Model Number (Die) Terminal Series Pack Size Weight
Thumbnail 7519109 25 C12TN25 Non-Insulated TN 25 Series Each 300
Thumbnail 7519108 35 C12TN35 Non-Insulated TN 35 Series Each 300
Thumbnail 7519107 50 C12TN50 Non-Insulated TN 50 Series Each 300
Thumbnail 7519106 70 C12TN70 Non-Insulated TN 70 Series Each 300
Thumbnail 7519105 95 C12TN95 Non-Insulated TN 95 Series Each 300
Thumbnail 7519104 120 C12TN120 Non-Insulated TN 120 Series Each 300
Thumbnail 7519103 150 C12TN150 Non-Insulated TN 150 Series Each 300
Thumbnail 7519102 185 C12TN185 Non-Insulated TN 185 Series Each 300
Thumbnail 7519101 240 C12TN240 Non-Insulated TN 240 Series Each 300

Features and considerations for selecting crimping dies include:

  • Compatibility: Ensuring the die is compatible with the crimping tool and the connectors being used.
  • Wire Size: Dies are designed for specific ranges of wire sizes (gauges). Using the correct size ensures that the wire is neither under-crimped (loose connection) nor over-crimped (damaged wire or connector).
  • Connector Type: Different connectors (e.g., spade terminals, butt connectors, coaxial cable connectors) require different dies to achieve the proper crimp shape.
  • Material: Crimping dies are made from durable materials capable of withstanding the pressure required to deform metal connectors without wearing out quickly.

In addition to standard manual crimping tools, there are hydraulic and pneumatic crimping tools that use interchangeable dies for a wide range of applications, from simple wire terminations to the assembly of complex electrical systems. High-quality crimping, especially in critical applications, often requires not just the right die but also a calibrated crimping tool that can apply the correct force.

    • Weight
      300 g
    • SKU
    • EAN
    • HS Commodity Codes
  • Manufacturer
    MECATRACTION is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
  • Country of Origin
  • Cross Section (mm2)
    25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240
  • Model Number (Die)
    C12TN25, C12TN35, C12TN50, C12TN70, C12TN95, C12TN120, C12TN150, C12TN185, C12TN240
  • Terminal Series
    Non-Insulated TN 25 Series, Non-Insulated TN 35 Series, Non-Insulated TN 50 Series, Non-Insulated TN 70 Series, Non-Insulated TN 95 Series, Non-Insulated TN 120 Series, Non-Insulated TN 150 Series, Non-Insulated TN 185 Series, Non-Insulated TN 240 Series
  • Pack Size
    Each, Not Applicable

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