MECATRACTION is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group

Your specialist of industrial electrical connections

A young dynamic company.

Founded in 1981, MECATRACTION quickly grew both in the domestic market and export markets. We are based in Pompadour, France, in premises of more than 8100 m2. MECATRACTION designs, develops and produces a complete range of components for industrial electrical connections.

Our subsidiary CEGERS TOOLS adds an extensive range of tools and accessories.

MECATRACTION is a subsidiary of the Sicame group.

The Sicame group specializes in accessories for the transport and the transmission of electrical power.

Throughout Europe and worldwide.

MECATRACTION is present in many countries :

  • Germany, with its subsidiary MECATRACTION GmbH,
  • Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy and in other countries around the world through the international subsidiaries of the Sicame group.

Your best partner in the high-tech sector.

MECATRACTION has forged a position for itself in many sectors of industry that demand know-how, precision and efficiency through the quality of our products and our capacity for innovation.

These sectors include the rail, automotive, aeronautic, space, nuclear, renewable energies, shipping and defence industries.

A complete range of products :

  • Insulated and non insulated terminals,
  • End sleeves,
  • Earthing connections and mechanical connectors,
  • Copper tubular lugs and butt connectors,
  • Cable ties and accessories,
  • Heat-shrink tubing,
  • Tooling and accessories.
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