Oberon Company

Oberon was founded in 1978 by Jack Hirschmann to offer a personal protection line of products. It began with the creation of the innovative Face-Fit® face shield. This design ushered in the idea that face shields could be made to protect the user from specific and unique hazards. Later, Oberon was approached by NASA to create a solution to the blinding effects of UV radiation during early space flights. Preliminary tests demonstrated goggles would be too bulky to be worn inside helmets, so a thin layer of gold was applied to the astronaut’s visors. This technology gave rise to Oberon’s “Gold Shield” and was found to be useful in space, but also provided solutions for radiant heat hazards in the workplace commonly found in foundries and steel mills.

In 1985, Oberon invented the first Arc Flash face shield. This idea started with a phone call from an electric utility, which had experienced arc flash burns on their meter installers. The utility needed a way to protect their workers while allowing them to perform common electrical work tasks. Oberon answered the call and eventually created the first arc flash suit. The idea has now grown into an industry providing comprehensive safety for electricians, linemen and contractors across utilities, industry and municipalities around the world. Over the last 30 years Oberon has continued to learn about the electrical safety business and the need for solutions in many different places around the world. With the implementation of rules and regulations like NFPA 70E and CSZ Z462 related to safety in the workplace, Oberon has sought to develop a comprehensive offering that would adhere to these guidelines and protect workers while performing common work tasks.

The innovation continues today with invention of our True Color Grey (TCG™) Arc Flash Face Shields. With Oberon’s TCG™ nearly clear face shield design the user can now see all the colors of the wires they are working on. This unique design solved an age old problem for electrical workers and also created a new industry standard that has raised the bar for all manufacturers in the industry today.

Oberon is not just a manufacturing company, we are an engineering company that develops innovative electrical safety solutions. We participate on many national standards committees and have a team of experts who strive every day to improve our Arc Flash PPE product line. At Oberon it is our mission to protect the welfare of the individual while adding value to a company’s overall safety program.

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