Preparing for A Rise in Outdoor Lighting Installations

Autumn is finally here; the air is starting to crisp, leaves are falling off the trees and we’ve started dragging our jumpers out from the back of our wardrobes. While this season brings us endless days of rain, it also indicates the start of shorter days - which brings us to outdoor lighting. 

With it starting to get dark at around 6pm, this Autumn season will see hundreds of people seeking outdoor lighting, and the people to install this equipment. 

Outdoor lighting is just as important as interior lighting, and it should be functional and fitted properly to work. There are a number of benefits for using outdoor lighting, which include: 

● Illumination - Perhaps the most obvious reason for people opting to install exterior light, a family may want to light up the outside of their home for times where they have family and friends over in the garden i.e. Bonfire Night or New Year. Not only can you show off your beautifully preened garden, but you can keep an eye on the kids as they play. 

● Safety - Sometimes it will be dark and Mum will realise she’s left the washing out, meaning you have to dash to grab it all before it’s completely pitch black. If your garden is pretty treacherous, someone could slip, fall and hurt themselves - an injury that could have been prevented with outdoor lighting. 

● Security - For most people, the big advantage to owning exterior lights is their high deterrence. Particularly with sensored lights, they will detect movement in your back garden or driveway and you will be alerted to any unexpected visitors on your property. If an intruder knows this, they are unlikely to step foot on your property. 

As a supplier of Boddington Electricals’ insulated tools, you can expect to see a rise in the number of electricians coming to you for parts and tools to complete these outdoor jobs. We recommend stocking up on the tools required for this job such as insulated screwdrivers, cable cutters and electrical safety PPE. It’s particularly important you are prepared so your customers don’t turn elsewhere to buy their tools. 

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