Preparing for New Year with Boddingtons’ Insulated Tools and Electrical Safety Products

We’re quickly approaching the end of another year but for distributors, the end of 2017 has been in sight for a while. While we’re celebrating the beginning of the year, electricians will be preparing their toolboxes ahead of a busy January period. So how prepared are you for the rise in sales this New Year? 

If you have ever worked as an electrician yourself, you will understand how notoriously busy the Christmas and January period are – with many reporting almost double the workload! With an influx of new toys and gadgets entering homes across the UK, it presents electricians with the opportunity to buy new tools for the New Year - in order to ensure safety. 

At Boddingtons Electrical, we provide a number of electrical products ranging from insulated screwdrivers to fully protected Arc Flash PPE. 

Established thirty years ago, Boddingtons Electrical is well known for its industry leading tools and concepts and continues to grow. Despite expansion over the last three decades, we maintain the traditions and values that help us to develop innovative product designs to an exceptionally high standard. We are also committed to providing bespoke solutions for electricians, and it’s these beliefs that carried us to where we are today. 

With our three decades of experience, we understand that it’s important that all of the products we manufacture at our factory here in Braintree, Essex, are tested against British and International Standards. We make sure all of our products comply with and are in accordance with Boddingtons Electrical Quality System, which we proudly maintain and is registered to ISO 9001 status. 

As either a store or an outlet, Boddingtons Electrical are here to support you and your business through the busy sale periods. 

We have just recently expanded our product portfolio to include a range of bespoke toolkits as well as adding the ability to permanently mark our tools with laser etching. 

To find out more information about Boddingtons Electrical or our insulated tools and electrical safety equipment, get in touch with our team on 01376 567490.