Quality Management

Memberships and Certifications 

Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is committed to the provision of a total quality service to its customers. We seek to achieve this by the implementation of the quality policies outlined in the systems manual coupled with the maintenance of a tradition of high technical and commercial standards which we have built since the commencement of trading in 1975.

The company's quality system alongside the friendly and helpful approach we maintain in dealing with our customers and suppliers alike, together form the cornerstone of our reputation and future success. It is the company's aim to instill this philosophy in all employees by appropriate training, direction, and encouragement to provide value-added quality service for the benefit of all our customers. 

Boddingtons Electrical Ltd's quality system is subject to constant review and revisions in order to optimise the service and react to a dynamic market and develop customer needs.

Quality Objectives

  • Boddingtons Electrical Ltd seeks to understand our customers needs and expectations whilst continuously improving.
  • Develop and adapt continuously in order that we may utilise the latest available technology to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.
  • Ensure that when complaints are received they will be attended to in a timely manner with a view to eliminating the root cause and preventing recurrence.
  • Maintain a healthy constructive work environment that enables personnel to produce optimal output.
  • Continue to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO9001 and Environmental Management Standards ISO 14001

We understand the value of external certification


The design and manufacture of insulated hand tools and design and supply of electrical safety equipment.

Our ISO 9001 certification underlines our commitment to improving quality across the business. 

Certificate Number
 FS 53593  


What is quality management and ISO 9001?

When you certify to ISO 9001 you will join over a million organizations globally who have improved their businesses with this management system standard. ISO 9001 is not only recognized internationally as the world’s most widely adopted Quality Management System (QMS), it’s also a powerful business improvement tool.

 An ISO 9001 quality management system will help you to continually monitor and manage quality across your business so you can identify areas for improvement. 

BSI Membership shows you're committed to high standards
Certificate of BSI Membership
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