Sicame Temporary Continuity TCC Connectors

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SKU N° of Braids Primary Insulation 0/A (Min. Span) Length 0/A Type Secondary Insulation Weight
Thumbnail TCC/C - 52484-65 2 1.22m 1.83m Straight-Through Joints (Two-Way Connectors) No 0
Thumbnail TCC/D - 52484-89 2 1.22m 1.83m Straight-Through Joints (Two-Way Connectors) Yes 0
Thumbnail TCC/E - 52481-65 3 1.22m 1.83m Straight-Through Joints (Two-Way Connectors) No 0
Thumbnail TCC/G - 52484-66 2 1.37m 1.98m Breech Joint (Three-Way connectors) No 0
Thumbnail TCC/K - 52481-76 2 2.44m 3.05m Tee Joints (Three-Way Connectors) No 0
Thumbnail TCC/M - 52484-75 3 2.44m 3.05m Tee Joints (Three-Way Connectors) Yes 0
Thumbnail TCC/T - 52481-69 2 1.37m 1.98m Double Breech Joints (Four-Way Connectors) No 0

Principle Application:

Temporary continuity connectors for Metallic Cable Armour or Sheathing.

The Sicame range of temporary continuity connectors has been developed over many years in co-operation with the United Kingdom electrical distribution industry. The connectors are designed to afford protection to personnel by maintaining electrical continuity across breaks in metallic armour and sheathing during jointing or repair operations on underground distribution cables.

They consist of cross bonds of flexible tinned copper braid which are connected to the armour or sheath by special clamps. The braid has a primary insulation of clear polythene tubing and certain connector designs have an adjustable secondary insulation in the form of a sliding outer sleeve.

The range of connectors covers the requirements of a wide variety of joint configurations, and the necessary cross-sectional area of the bond to meet anticipated fault levels is achieved by means of permutations of tinned copper braids, the basic product having a cross-sectional area of 22mm2 (2 x 11mm2 CSA).

Please note that the above product range has been successfully tested to a short circuit withstand of 6KA @ 1 SEC (Test Certificate N°: T04/261/GH)

The following table, set out in joint configuration groups, gives outline specifications to the full range of standard connectors. Schematic diagrams to give dimensions, and sketches to illustrate the layout of each connector, appear overleaf.

Specialised connectors can be made to order, and lengths varied to suit individual requirements.

Connectors from this range can be adapted for use on gas and water pipes. These are covered by separate data-sheets in Section 5 together with alternative connectors designed for other applications peculiar to these services.

    • SKU
      TCC/C - 52484-65
    • HS Commodity Codes
  • Manufacturer
    Sicame UK is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • N° of Braids
    2, 3
  • Primary Insulation 0/A (Min. Span)
    1.22m, 1.37m, 2.44m
  • Length 0/A
    1.83m, 1.98m, 3.05m
  • Type
    Straight-Through Joints (Two-Way Connectors), Breech Joint (Three-Way connectors), Tee Joints (Three-Way Connectors), Double Breech Joints (Four-Way Connectors)