The Best Insulated Tools For Electricians

It is essential to have the correct tools to ensure that work can be completed safely and efficiently. Owning high quality equipment should be seen as an investment otherwise you are constantly replacing broken or cracked insulated tools, which can become costly. Our tools are designed to be durable and long lasting, they are rigorously tested in-house to ensure your safety.

Here are a selection of some of our more popular items. To find these tools, visit our online store:

Wire Strippers:

Insulation stripping tools are vital to accurately strip cables. Not only does this product effectively avoid damage to wiring underneath, but they also help save you time and money, as you are able to work faster and more efficiently. At Boddingtons, our End Wire Stripper has a fine adjustment screw to ensure that stripping tools such as this one can ensure a precise removal.

 Insulated 1000V Pliers

Pliers are a necessity when it comes to insulated tools. At Boddingtons, there are a large variety of high quality pliers, such as the long nose or combination pliers. Investing in 1000v tools helps to ensure that you will remain safe while completing any task. Boddingtons’ ‘Pliers Combination’ provides blades for hard and soft wire, long cutting edged for thicker cables and inductively tempered blades made of specially tempered tool steel to provide the highest quality possible.

Cable 1000V Cutters

Insulated tools are needed to provide a large amount of leverage and power, to assist cutting through conductors and cables. Boddington’s Cable Cutting tools are heavy duty and some are single-handed use, such as the 250mm/25mm² – meaning difficult tasks are simplified by giving you a free hand. In addition to this, the 170-35mm² provides professional multi coated insulation with especially hardened burnished steel, perfect for cutting stranded and multi-fine wire conductors copper and multi fine wired conductors in copper and aluminum cables up to a diameter of 15mm.

Safety Rescue Hooks (1kV & 60kV)

An insulated rescue hook is ultimately one of the most important pieces of equipment; safeguarding the life of the first aider when retrieving victims of electric shock. Boddington’s safety rescue hooks are available in two sizes – 1kV + 60kV system voltage and the hook station offers safe storage for the hook.

Electrical Insulating Matting

Boddingtons provides many types to ensure you can always provide the highest level of safety; LV rubber matting, LV switchboard matting and HV electrical matting are just a few examples of matting available.

If you need to complete your collection of insulated tools, Boddingtons Electrical have over 30 years of experience and a flat rate delivery throughout the UK -