The Importance of Insulated Tools

When you’re an electrician, your tool kit is your best friend. It’s always there in your hour of need and is a fundamental part of your work. Ensuring you have access to all of the right tools allows you to perform your job quickly, efficiently and most importantly; safely. Many of you will come into contact with live circuits on a daily basis and as you well know, not having the right tools to hand will mean you’re not protected against the unexpected. Queue insulated tools.

What is an Insulated Tool?

An insulated tool is designed to protect you against injury in the event you come into contact with an energised source. However, be careful as every single insulated tool must be marked with the year in which it was insulated, in addition to an official 1,000 volt rating which means it has been tested for live use up to 1,000 VAC, or, 1,500 VDC.

Why Should I Use Insulated Tools?

Insulated tools are particularly important when undertaking any work involving a live circuit or energised source. Insulated tools offer a significant level of protection for situations where it may not be possible to disconnect the circuit.

Also, they are useful for jobs where you’re not sure as to whether you will be working on a live circuit. Without being properly equipped you are immediately putting yourself and others at risk of liability, injury and in some cases, death.

How Can We Help?

Fortunately, our Boddingtons Electrical team here in our Essex HO are here to help. Every tool we have for sale is fully insulated and are also EU compliant so you can rest assured you’re fully protected when carrying out a job. We sell a variety of tools designed for your specific needs. If you’re just starting out and are getting to grips with all the tools available on the market, we have recently started selling tool kits ranging from an 11-piece to a 27-piece dependant on your requirements. All of the tools we include are of course fully insulated and the perfect kit so you’ll never be caught short again.

If you would like more information on the importance of insulated tools, or simply have an enquiry about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today on 01376 567 490.