As a supplier, you want to know the tools you’re selling are the very best for your customers. Whether it’s high quality materials, thorough testing or innovative design, high quality tools keep your customer’s satisfied with your service while actually acting to keep them safe - and saving your reputation! 

Here is why we suggest only buying from the best of the best, and that includes purchasing tools manufactured by established electrical safety companies such as Boddingtons Electrical. 

Part of what makes a tool high quality are the materials they are made of, and at Boddingtons Electrical, our main focus is creating excellent tools from insulated and durable materials. 

The manufacturing team at Boddingtons Electrical work in close partnership with our design team who have an expert knowledge of the very best materials. 

Take our Insulated Screwdrivers, for example. Made from a soft grip high torque and precision hardened Chrome-Vanadium-Molybdenum steel blade, this impressive screwdriver is designed to be long-lasting and safe for users. Even our unique blade insulation has been moulded onto the blade to protect the users from electrocution and electric shocks! 

Our design and manufacturing team are constantly evolving to accommodate for the latest changes in tool development, meaning they are always developing bespoke solutions and expanding our product lines.