What Tools are You Expected to Provide Your Employees With?

Whether you’re an electrical business that has been running for years or maybe you’re just starting out, there’s no doubt that you’re always on the lookout for the latest tools that are safe and ones that quite frankly, make your job that little bit easier. 

However, there are a list of essential tools that should be down to you to provide your employees with- or at least, recommend. 

Cable stripping tools 

Cable cutting tools such as wire strippers should be an essential in every electricians’ tool box. Every piece of equipment you own should be an insulated tool. That’s why at Boddingtons we only stock and supply tools which are made for your safety. Wire strippers are a handy tool to strip the insulation on cables- you can buy various strippers in various sizes, so be sure to do your research. 


A multimeter is a tool designed to measure the electrical current, resistance and check to voltages. It is critical to any electrical job. Multimeters can also help you locate solutions to problems such as power fluctuation which is due to poor wiring. 

Electricians torque screwdrivers 

If you’re just starting out as an electrician, you may not know the difference between a normal screwdriver and a torque screwdriver. An electricians torque screwdriver possesses components which ensures that it can tighten to a specific torque. 

Tape measure 

A tape measure is one of the pinnacle essentials for both beginners and professionals. It’s rare that you will ever see an electrician without their trusty measure. It’s often used to measure heights for switch and outlet placement. 

Electrical safety PPE 

Last but not least, no matter where you are in your electrical journey. You should always be dressed appropriately. Whether it be electrical gloves, safety matting or our very own Boddingtons rescue hook. Electrical safety PPE should always come first. 

With over 30 years of experience, we have become a leading British manufacturer and supplier of insulated tools and electrical safety equipment. 

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