Why Choose Boddingtons Electrical Insulated Cable Cutters?

Although there are a range of cable cutters available on the market here’s why we believe ours stand out from the rest:

InsulationThe most important feature of our cable cutters is that they are designed to provide protection from electric shock. They are manufactured with a two layer flame retardant and dielectric handle, meaning these tools will protect the user if they happen to cut through a live wire. They are rigorously tested inhouse and will protect you to up to 1000V.

Compact: Another great benefit of many of our tools is they have a compact body, making them perfect for working in more confined areas. This provides easy cutting of cables in tight spots, which can prove very handy in a variety of industrial applications.

Multiple Wire Cutting: Our cable cutters also allow for the cutting of multiple wires and cables, both hard and soft. This is extremely useful in a range of different cable installations, as it is a fast and efficient way of ensuring cable cutting each and every time. Our cutters with the shorter tips also allow for a closer, more precise cut.

Secure Grip: Our cable cutters offer a comfortable and secure grip, with sturdy ridges to prevent slippage.  This makes cable preparation and cutting a whole lot easier and safer.

Brightly Coloured: Our distinctive orange handles allow for easy identification and use when in a hurry. This means our cable cutters will stand out from the rest of your tools in the toolbox, allowing for less searching time and more action time!


If you’d like to take a closer look at our wide range of insulated tools and safety equipment, take a look at our online store.