Why Pick Boddingtons Electricals’ Insulated Tools and Electrical Safety Products PPE?

Are you a supplier in search of a new tool manufacturer? As a distributor, it can a big risk taking on new electrical tools; unsure whether or not they will sell or how your customers will perceive them. To help you decide, Boddingtons Electrical have put together a guide of everything we have to offer to you and your customers. 

For those unaware, Boddingtons Electrical have over 30 years experience in the manufacture and supply of insulated tools and electrical safety equipment. For the last three decades, we have constantly evolved our manufacturing process and built up an excellent understanding of the high quality products electricians need. 

For our suppliers, we believe the knowledge of our top quality safety products should be passed onto all of our potential suppliers so that they can guarantee their customers the finest class of electrical safety products and insulated tools. 

At Boddingtons, quality is of our utmost priority. That’s why our range of tools are made from strong, precise blades and durable, conveniently designed handles to ensure the user’s ultimate safety. When working in a live, hazardous environment, it’s important that the insulated tools protect users from shocks and electrocution. All of our insulated tools are made from industrious steel alloys and protected with a polymer, rubber and plastic casing. 

We also manufacture all of our insulated tools and safety products at our warehouse in Braintree, Essex. Boddingtons Electrical first established itself as a limited company in 1999 and has since continued to grow. In 2011, we moved to our larger premises in Essex, which offered an improved level of service and had increased the capacity of manufacturing and distribution. 

Following our move, Boddingtons Electrical has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of insulated tools and electrical safety products, exporting our products to a number of suppliers throughout the UK and worldwide. 

Finally, we believe it is our duty as tool manufacturers to ensure the safety of all our users. That’s why all our tools are tested to IEC standards. Our insulated tools are designed and tested to protect the user from volts ranging from 1000 to 10,000V. This means if the user was ever to get into an accident at work; any injury will be kept to a minimum and you can be assured your customer will stay safe. 

If you are interested in becoming a supplier of Boddingtons Electrical products, speak to one of the team on 01376 567490 or email [email protected]