World Day for Health and Safety at Work with Boddingtons Electrical

Did you know the 28th of April marks World Day for Health and Safety at Work? The International Labour Organisation’s annual day focuses on bringing attention to the problem of injuries at the workplace and creates a safe and healthy workplace culture to reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries.

According to self-reports, in 2016, 621,000 workers were involved in non-fatal injury at work; out of these injuries 350,000 received electric shocks at work and six were work related electrocutions.  

In order to reduce workplace electrocutions and electric shocks, Boddingtons Electrical have created a range of fully insulated tools and electrical safety products.

Here is Boddingtons Electrical’s guide to keeping safe at work while working with electric.

Risk Assessments

While they may not sound fun, doing a quick risk assessment before you start your work is important! By checking for any live wires and hazards, you can be assured that you will be working without compromising your own health and safety.

Turn Electrics Off

You may be rushing to get the job finished but make sure you ask for the electrical supply to be turned off AND won’t be turned on again without consulting you first.

Stay Away from The Electrics Where Possible

To reduce your risk of electrocution or electric shocks, work away from the electrical wiring wherever possible i.e. when taking out new tools or measuring up wiring. Before you start working, it’s an idea to identify where it is safe to work away from the electrics and instruct your co-workers of the possible dangers and hazards.

Use the Right Tools

It’s not hard to understand that working with high voltages is incredibly dangerous, but it doesn’t stop some electricians going to work with improper tools. To prevent electric shocks and electrocutions, use fully insulated tools made from steel alloy blades and plastic, polymer or rubber. The materials insulated tools are made from are designed to protect users from voltages of 1000 to 10,000V, meaning it should keep accidents to a minimum when using these tools.

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