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Gone are the days of lugging around literature and worrying about spilling anything down its glossy cover. You can now access our new safety guides and leaflets on any device that you want to read wherever you are - as long as you have internet access.

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UK Commercial and Industrial Catalogue - Version 1 


Arc Flash ShieldsDielectric Insulating Gloves
Arc Flash ClothingDielectric Shoes
Dielectric BootsElectrical Insulating Matting 
Lock-Out/Tag OutVoltage Detectors
Insulated ToolsTool Bags
Substation EquipmentEarthing Connections
Earthing and Mechanical ConnectorsInsulation Products
Cable Ties and AccessoriesPre-Insulated Lugs, Clips and End Caps
ToolingBattery Operated Tooling


 CATU - Experts in Safety Main Catalogue 
CATU - Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Operations Catalogue
CATU - ARC Flash Hazard - Safety Guide
CATU - Lockout/Tagout Solutions

CATU - Work At Height - Safety Guide
CATU - Substation Equipment - Safety Guide

CATU - Technical Document - For Short Circuiting and Earthing Systems 

CATU - Insulating Gloves New Generation
CAT ARC Flash & MultiRisk Protective Clothing

CATU Equipment for operations on solar installations
CATU - All the essential equipment for railway interventions on overhead lines ,urban transport and posts.
Insulating Mats, Make The Right Choice

Mecatraction Industrial Catalogue

Mecatraction Railway Catalogue

Mecatraction Automotive Catalogue

Solfil Connections For Equipotential Bonding of PhotoVoltaic Panels
Connections and tools for industry railway, aerospace, automotive , renewable energies and naval
Mecatraction Nuclear Catalogue

Shipbuilding - Connecting technology for flexible aluminum cables

Data Centre - Advanced Power, Safety, and Grounding Connection Accessories

Crimping Solution for Railway Application

Sicame Group - Service Centres and Solution Worldwide


Safak Electrik Catalogue


A service center consists of a team of expert technicians heavily trained and certified by Sicame Group,
equipped with all relevant materials and facilities to perform verification and maintenance on your products.

  • Tools and dies maintenance
  • Safety equipment retest for certification
  • Calibration
  • Tool and equipment rental
  •  Professional training