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Arcus Earthing of High Voltage Conductors with Earthing Lances

Earthing of high voltage conductors with earthing lances

Earthing and short-circuiting forms an important part of work on or in the vicinity of electrical installations.

In substations, earthing lances form the short circuit-proof connection between high voltage conductor (bus bar or other types of conductor) and the earthing system. 

Portable or stationary

Both systems are designed for a maximum short circuit load of 80 kA / 0.5 s and a peak load of 200 kA.

Usually portable earthing lances can be used up to a conductor height of approximately 8 m.

For conductor heights above 8 m, stationary earthing lances apply. These can be used with little effort for conductor heights up to 12 m. 

PM Tails Stripping Tool Demonstration at Elex Coventry 2019

Coventry Elex 2019 Paul was asked by industry Plumbing and Tool legend Peter Booth (@pbplumber) to do a quick tool demo of a new smart meter tail stripper from Boddingtons electrical.

Live Work Consult AS exhibits Boddingtons Insulated Tools at AchillesLive 2019 Oslo


AchillesLive 2019

Our partners Live Work Consult AS exhibited our range of 1000V Insulated Tools at The QUBE, Gardermoen, Oslo 

Why not use Normal Safety Boots ?
  • Electric current can jump (arc) over 40mm at 5000 Volts 
  • The sole of a normal safety or boot or shoe is typically less than 10mm thick and is made of anti-static material that is not electrically insulating
  • The upper of safety boots when wet or damp will conduct electricity - This includes such materials as waterproof leather as the waterproof coating is thin and can be easily damaged
  • Perspiration can make the leather damp enough to fail an EN 50321 test
  • This is why EN 50321 specifies the height of the boot or shoe and that the foot should be enclosed by the footwear
Boddingtons Electrical have been appointed an UK Distributor for ARCUS ELEKTROTECHNIK for over 20 years

Boddingtons Electrical Limited have been appointed the UK exclusive ARCUS ELEKTROTECHNIK
for over 20 years 

  • Connectors and tools for underground cables
  • Detectors and phase comparators for encapsulated switchgear
  • Devices for current tapping and power supply
  • Earthing and short circuiting devices with cables and bars
  • High voltage detectors for nominal voltages up to 380 kV
  • Lance earthing devices for outdoor switchgear up to nominal voltage 380 kV
  • Overhead line clamps
  • Safety equipment for railway systems

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Electrical Safety Matting Buying Guide

Electrical rubber matting should be applied at any point where operatives are working with high voltage equipment where the risk of electrical shocks is high, including:

  • In front of switchboards
  • In front of machine control gear
  • In plant rooms
  • In lift control gear rooms

Shorter lengths of matting can be used as portable protection for site engineers working on live equipment. Rubber is known for its exceptional electrical insulating properties. With the ability to reduce or stop electric currents, electrical rubber matting or switchboard matting is a common surface for high voltage environments. 

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