Boddington Electrical F0357A High Voltage Indicator up to 15kV AC or DC

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Range: 0.2 to 15kV 50/60HZ and DC
Circuit Current: 0.4mA nominal at 15kV 0.293mA nominal at 11kV
Dielectric Test: 20kV for 1 minute
Length: 485mm
Diameter: 32mm
Weight: 0.6kg 

Each complete HV Indicator kit comprises: 

  • Indicator complete with earth lead 
  • Proving unit complete with batteries 
  • Polymer cleaning Kit 
  • Instruction Manual 
  • Carry Satchel
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The High Voltage Indicator (HVI) is used to indicate the presence of voltage to ensure the safety of maintenance or installation personnel allowing the apparatus to be safely earthed. Voltage up to 15kV AC or DC, on busbars or within switchgear enclosures will be shown by means of neon indicators. When used within switchgear special bent end adaptors, 60˚ or 90˚, are available as accessories. 

A battery powered electronic proving unit is available to allow the fully assembled indicator to be tested at site before and after use.  

Operation & Features 

After carrying out a proving test the HVI can be applied to the HV source and the neon indicators will show whether there is voltage present. The indication will start as low as 200V by means of flashing neon lights which will gradually increase their rate of flash until steady state is reached at 6.35KV (the phase to earth voltage on an 11kV system.

  •  Small and compact for use in confined spaces 
  • High immunity to interference fields 
  • Utilises proven resistor chain method of measurement 
  • Clear safety limit marks 
  • Operator hand guard with viewing window 
  • Automatic battery check on Proving Unit 
  • Indoor and outdoor use (dry conditions) 
  • Operating temperature range - 5˚C to + 50˚C 
  • Can be used on DC systems
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