Boddingtons Electrical IEC61111 Class 2 Switchboard Rubber Insulating Matting, 17kV Maximum Working Voltage , 20kV Test Voltage

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SKU Length (mm) Width (mm) Colour Weight
Thumbnail 642102 1000 1000 Light Grey 5500
Thumbnail 642122 1000 1200 Light Grey 5500


Test Voltage *Withstanding Voltage *Operating Working Voltage *Width (mm)Thickness (mm)

Safety StandardBasic WeightShore Hardness
20 kV

30 kV

17 kV1000 Or 12003IEC 61111 Class 23.4 kg/m2 


How do you convert kV to Volt? 

Kilovolts to volts formula

The voltage V in kilovolts (kV) is equal to the voltage V in volts (V) times 1000.


  • Maximum Roll Length Tolerance (+/- 200 mm) 
  • Width Tolerance (+/- 10 mm)
  • Thickness Tolerance (+/- 0.3 mm) 


Product Information

  • Permanent vulcanized marking tape
  • Vulcanized elastomer fine grooved rubber 
  • We hereby declare bindingly that for the manufacture of rubber blends 8448 (7665/00), 8441 (7631/00 ), 8420 ( 7661/03 ) that no halogenated materials have been used.


Mechanical puncture resistance
Test for slip resistanceYes
Dielectric test according to given classYes
Ageing testsYes
Low temperature folding testsYes
Flame retardance testsYes
Oil resistance Yes
Acid resistanceYes

Electrical rubber mats should be applied at any point where Operatives are working with high-voltage equipment where the risk of electrical shocks is high, including:

  • In front of switchboards
  • In front of the machine control gear
  • In plant rooms
  • In lift control gear rooms
  • Portable protection for site engineers working on live equipment 

and need protection from the dangers of electric shock. 

Rubber is known for its exceptional electrical insulating properties. With the ability to reduce or stop electric currents, electrical rubber matting or switchboard matting is a common surface for high-voltage environments. Used to protect workers from electrical shocks it is ideal for plant rooms, control rooms, switchboards, and places where individuals handle live equipment.

We offer the most extensive and compliant range of Electrical Safety Matting/Switchboard Matting in the UK - IEC61111 (all classes), ASTM D178, BS 921 

Choose with care

Electrical safety mats are made specifically for the purpose of shock prevention and are tested to withstand certain specified voltages, so it is crucial that the right level of protection is allowed for in line with the voltage of the equipment that is being worked on.

Electrical safety matting provides an insulated floor surface to offer increased protection for users from earth contact through the floor. 

When selecting electrical safety matting it is imperative to note the maximum operating voltage relating to each product to ensure it provides adequate protection

Maximum Working Voltage (kV)

This describes the maximum working voltage (kV) a mat can provide protection too. This is safety-critical and an essential part of the selection process 


We offer the most extensive and compliant range of Electrical Safety Matting/Switchboard Matting in the UK - IEC61111 (all classes), ASTM D178, BS 921

The European standard IEC 61111:2009 has replaced the national standards of the EU countries and assorts the electrical insulating matting as per its resistance to high tension breakdown into 5 classes.

  • Class 0 - Working voltage: 1 000 V - Proof voltage: 5 000 V -  Withstand voltage: 10 000 V
  • Class 1 - Working voltage: 7 500 V - Proof voltage: 10 000 V - Withstand voltage: 20 000 V
  • Class 2  - Working voltage: 17 000 V - Proof voltage: 20 000 V - Withstand voltage: 30 000 V
  • Class 3 - Working voltage: 26 500 V - Proof voltage: 30 000 V - Withstand voltage: 40 000 V
  • Class 4 - Working voltage: 36 000 V - Proof voltage: 40 000 V - Withstand voltage: 50 000 V

IEC 61111:2009 is applicable to electrical insulating matting made of elastomer for use as a floor covering for the electrical protection of workers on electrical installations. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition, published in 1992, and its Amendment 1 (2002). This edition constitutes a technical revision. It includes the following significant technical changes with regard to the previous edition:
- general review of the requirements and test provisions;
- modification of the test procedure for slip resistance;
- preparation of the elements of evaluation of defects, and general application of IEC 61318 Ed.3;
- revision of existing annexes;
- deletion of Annexes D and F, not applicable according to IEC 61318 Ed.3;
- introduction of a new normative Annex F on the classification of defects


    • Weight
      5500 g
    • SKU
    • EAN
    • HS Commodity Codes
  • Manufacturer
    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Length (mm)
    1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000
  • Width (mm)
    1000, 1200
  • Maximum Working Voltage (kV)
  • Test Voltage (kV)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Colour
    Light Grey, Dark Grey, Yellow
  • Material Finish
    Vulcanized Elastomer Fine Grooved
  • Safety Standard
    IEC61111 Class 2