Boddingtons Electrical Longitudinal Peeling Tool with Bag

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A cable peeling tool particularly developed for the longitudinal removing of the bonded semi con screen of medium voltage cables with triangle profiled cross-section. It is not possible to peel the surface with usual rotating cable tools. The maximum cutting depth is limited by approx. 0.6 mm (GB-HS20) and 0.3 mm (GB-HS10). Due to the alongside peeling direction of the cutting blade it may be also possible to peel & remove the bonded screen layer of EPR rubber based cables. 

Apply the tool on the cable by adapting the slide roller underneath the cable. Then pull slightly the tool alongside to the cable ending. Due to the depth guidance of the blade the cutting thickness is restricted by approx. 0.6 to 0.7 mm. Continue with the preparation until the layer is removed, completely. Afterwards the surface must be polished to get a flat and smooth surface. 

For the changing of the blade release both screws on blade body and fix the new blade.

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