CATU PP-4-38-O-A7 Insulating Safety Padlock with Retaining Key, Nylon Shackle H 38 MM ∅ 4 MM

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Application : 

  • For locking the separating devices (e.g. circuit breakers) to prevent their operation. 
  • Padlock with insulating shackle for use in low voltage 1000 V AC - 1500 V DC: tested and validated in accordance with the electrical test IEC 60900 (2012) §5.5.3. at 5 000 V.
  • More secure locking: impossible to drop the key when the shackle is open, the key remains trapped.

Features : 

  • Available with a keys alike (A7).
  • Marking on both sides: 
  1. On one side: Standard symbol.
  2. On the other side: area for marking user names and coordinates.
  • Padlock delivered with 2 keys.
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    CATU SAS is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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