Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

In Europe, in the absence of other regulations, operations on vehicles and motor vehicles with on-board low-voltage electric drives must comply with the requirements of European standard EN 50 110-1, supplemented, where appropriate, by the provisions specific to each national regulation referred to in standard EN 50110-2.

To provide more electrical safety to operators, CATU has designed solutions dedicated to car manufacturers, M.A.R*, bodywork specialists, deconstructors, etc. to work safely.
*Maintenance Automotive Repair

Discover our unique solutions for your garages and workshops.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy dependency and improving air quality in urban areas: this is the challenge of developing clean vehicles. CATU has been working with automotive professionals for many years, developing innovations with them.
The growth of logistics services is creating huge storage warehouses, each using dozens of electrically powered machines, such as forklifts. Find our unique selection of safety equipment.

Through its electric safety solutions, CATU is contributing to the ecological transition of public transport. CATU offers a wide range of solutions to produce and maintain electric buses in complete safety.



  • Initiate the lock-out procedure.
  • Identify the vehicle.
  • Isolate voltage sources.
  • Lock-out all switches and elements in the “OFF” position.
  • Check the absence of voltage.
  • Delineate and tag-out the working area.
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SL-106 CATU Group Lock Box, 240 x 174 x 40mm
  • £124.72
KIT-RC-TOOLS1 CATU Kit of 28 Insulated Tools. For Live Working on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.
  • £863.89
MV-223-39 CATU MV-223 Class 0 Safety Footwear with Insulating Sole, Leather and High Type, High Version, Including Test Certificate
  • £242.22
MP-220 CATU MP-220 Insulating Orange Blanket, Class 0
  • £121.39
SL-101 CATU SL-101 Yellow Lockout Stations Cabinet with 2 Adjustable Shelves
  • £254.72
SL-102 CATU SL-102 Red Lockout Station Padlock Cabinet for 42 Padlocks
  • £196.39
AFG-PARKA-S CATU High Visibility Multi-Risk Parka for Protection against an Electric Arc
  • £530.56
CD-307 CATU Extinguisher for Li-Ion Battery
  • £513.89
MO-160 CATU Strap for Insulating Mats
  • £8.83
MV-222-39 CATU MV-222 Class 0 Safety Footwear, 1000 V Protection, with Insulating Sole, Including Test Certificate
  • £232.50
MS-124/2 CATU MS-124/2 Headlamp for Helmets
  • £82.22
ATP-551-B CATU ATP-551-B Adhesive Plastic Poster for HEV A4 Format, 210 x 297mm
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AT-81 CATU AT-81 Self-Adhesive Label to be placed on Vehicle Windows and Windshields Electrics and Hybrids Damaged
  • £162.22
AP-72 CATU AP-72 Tag Out Plastic Sign for HEV "WORKING AREA" for Boundary Post. 450 x 150 mm
  • £74.72
AP-550-M2V CATU AP-550-M2V Tag Out Plastic Sign for HEV with with Suction Cups. 450 x 150 mm
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KIT-RC-EPI-CO CATU KIT-RC-EPI-CO PPE, Locking and Signaling Equipment Kit
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KIT-RC-TST1 CATU KIT-RC-TST1 Protective Equipment Kit for Live Working on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Batteries
  • £313.89
MO-7582-D CATU MO-7582-D Insulated Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with Flexible Handle
  • £158.89
MO-11010 CATU MO-11010 Safety Over Glasses against the impact of high-speed solid particles
  • £17.78
MO-11001 CATU MO-11001 Tinted Safety Glasses against the impact of high-speed solid particles
  • £27.22
ALPV-L-D CATU ALPV Steering Wheel Cover
  • £68.61
MV-138-M CATU MV-138 Insulating Overboots Class 1 (7 500 V AC), 10 kV Tested
  • £203.89
MO-RC-EV1 CATU MO-RC-EV1 Roller Cabinet for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Operations
  • £2286.11
MP-625-D CATU MP-625-D DIN VDE 0680-1 Large Model Clamp for Blanket
  • £31.39
AFG-2001-S CATU AFG-2001 Arc Flash Multi-Risk Trousers To Protect Against An Electric Arc, ATPV 12 cal/cm², Box Test APC 1
  • £138.33
AFG-2000-S CATU AFG-2000 Multi-Risk Jacket to Protect against an Electric Arc, ATPC 12 cal/cm², Box Test APC 1
  • £146.94
MS-415 CATU MS-415 AC and DC Voltage Controller
  • £933.33
MV-99-INSD CATU MV-99-INSD Elastomer Insulating Apron
  • £422.22
MO-69522V CATU MO-69522V Insulating Adaptor
  • £98.33
ACA-10 CATU ACA-10 Magnetic Signal Cone "Electric Hazard" to work on EHV or Batteries
  • £27.78
MP-123 CATU MP-123 Insulating Blanket Class 0 , 0.5mm Thickness With Velcro Gripping Tape
  • £24.72
MP-01 CATU Carrying Bag for Blankets and Insulating Mats
  • £88.06
MP-11/66 CATU Insulating Mat, Class 0, 2.2 Thickness, 1000 V Maximum Operating Voltage
  • £34.17
CS-45 CATU Rescue Sticks For An Electric Shock Accident with Elastomeric Handguard
  • £144.17
MP-40 CATU MP-40 Plastic Blanket , IEC 61112 Class 0 Standard, 1300 Width
  • £1094.44
MP-35/12 CATU MP-35 Insulating Vinyl Blankets, IEC 61112 Class 0 Standard, 1300mm Width
  • £177.22
AFG-2300-S CATU AFG-2300 Multi-Risk Switching Jacket To Protect Against An Electric Arc , ATPV 12cal/cm², Box Test APC 1
  • £366.67
MO-185-BL CATU MO-185 Arc Flash Electrician Helmet with Integrated Face Shield, Size 52 - 64 cm
  • £160.56
MS-917 CATU MS-917 Low Voltage detector DETEX, Operating Voltage AC 12 - 690 V, Category IV 600 V - III 1 000 V
  • £143.89
CG-80-H CATU Under Gloves for Insulating Gloves, (Supplied in a pack of 5)
  • £24.15
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