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EN-IEC 61482-2: 2020 Protective Clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc

EN IEC 61482-2:2020 supersedes IEC 61482-2:2009.

This part of EN 61482 specifies requirements and test methods applicable to materials and garments for protective clothing for electrical workers against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. Electric shock hazards and other effects like noise, light emissions, pressure rise, hot oil, the consequences of physical and mental shock or toxic influences are not covered by this standard. Protection of eyes, face, head, hands, and feet against electric arc hazard fall outside the scope of this standard.

Types of Insulating Tools,  IEC 60900 vs VDE,  Tool Care Information
  • Insulated and Insulating 1000V (double triangle) IEC EN 60900
  • Insulated hand tools are classified into three categories
  • What is the difference between VDE and IEC 60900 Standard !
  • Tool Care Information
Understanding Arc Flash Personal Protection (PPE) Categories

Whether to wear arc-rated personal protection equipment (PPE) is not a personal decision. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) directs employers to supply PPE and for employees to wear the supplied PPE if hazards exist. An arc flash risk assessment can indicate whether such PPE is needed. The analysis also needs to be documented.

Boddingtons Electrical have two Modula Lift Vertical Storage Systems

Boddingtons Electrical Ltd are at the forefront of technology and have two Modula Lift Vertifical Storage Systems to store their insulated tools, base stock and components parts along with other safety items.