Boddingtons Electrical 244PG03 Stripping Pliers, 260mm Length, ⌀ 26-52mm Capacity for Single or Three Core Cables

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  • Removes PVC, PE, and EPR Sheaths
  • Suitable for single-core and three core cables
  • £422.24


  1. The tool is special design using for disc-cutter. It can be more effort-saving than blade-cutter.
  2. The material of this tool is made of 95% aluminum alloy that it is time-saving and high-efficiency, easy and convenient for users.


  1. Open the handle (1) and take the cable (2) that according to strip-length though left side put on the jaw, and then closed the handle (1) (show as diagram1).
  2. After the handle (1) compress tightly, along the PVC sheet of the cable up and down rotated, until the disc cutting edge (3) to incise the PVC sheet (show as diagram 2).
  3. Take the stripper turn straight and put the cable on the support roller (4), and after the handle compress tightly, along the PVC sheet of the cable backward and forward cut, until the PVC sheet to be incised (show as diagram3)
  4. To use the leading edge of stripper (5) to be stripped the PVC sheet of the cable that it be incised, and then the stripping to be finished (show as diagram 4)


  1. The cable has to suitable the safe model. Keep it safe using and increase working life.
  2. The disc cutting edge of stripper is very sharp. Please watch out your finger in cleaning and working to get hurt.
  3. Daily maintenance is required to ensure the tool keeps in good working condition.


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      700 g
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    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group