Insulated Safety Footwear

Hard Rock Antistatic is a shoe born to face the most extreme working conditions thanks to its rubber outsole. It has been made to guarantee the maximum resistance to the most difficult weather conditions (from -35°C to 300°C) and the maximum protection against any external cutting. The uppers have been made to face the most difficult working situations and for this reason the materials comply with the most advanced heat-insulating and water-repellent technologies. 

Hard Rock Dielectric is the specific shoe for people who work with electrical cables and are more exposed to a danger of electrocution. This is possible thanks to the rubber compound of the shoe which guarantees complete protection from the discharges from the ground. Thanks to these specific materials 3 important sector certifications were obtained: Canadian (C.S.A. Z195-14), and American (ASTM 2413-11) for the electrical resistance to 20.000V for 1 minute; the European one for the electrical resistance more than 1000MΩ. 

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